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Construction noise monitoring

Solutions for measuring noise from construction & demolition


The award winning optimus green sound level meters and outdoor measurement kit have been developed to help monitor and measure noise levels over long durations and are ideal for construction noise monitoring, demolition noise monitoring and environmental noise monitoring.

Supplied as a complete kit with all of the accessories needed to make noise measurements, these kits give you all of the information you need in a robust, rugged and simple to use package.

If you are measuring noise outdoors from construction sites where noise is an issue or from demolition or environmental noise sources, the optimus green sound level meters and outdoor kit are the ideal solution.

construction noise measurement kit
AWeatherproof case EPower controller
BOutdoor microphone FAcoustic calibrator
CMicrophone Cable Goptimus sound meter
DBattery pack  

The noise measurement kit

The kit contains everything needed to carry out noise measurements including

The case has been purpose designed to hold all of the component parts both during a measurement and during storage, and is fully weatherproof and can be padlocked for security.

The sound level meter can be quickly programmed to provide repeating measurements over a set period (15 minutes for example) with each measurement stored automatically into the secure memory.

Audio recording of noise events is also available with a range of triggering options from simple level based triggers through to sophisticated detection templates using a number of different parameters and functions.

Handheld noise measurements

sound level meter for handheld noise measurements

The sound level meter used in the kit can also be removed and used as a handheld instrument.

The handheld instrument can be used for:

Noise Measurement Reports

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The NoiseTools software downloads measurements from the sound level meter to a PC for reporting and analysis.

A quick report can be printed with a summary of the main noise parameters for environmental or occupational noise giving you a simple way to get the essential information that you need.

More comprehensive reports and analysis can be carried out using NoiseTools with a wide range of reports available.

NoiseTools is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows7 (32 & 64 bits) and is supplied licence free with free updates available.

Noise measurement reports

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